"My thoroughbred gelding has been moving and feeling so much better since he started getting adjustments from Dr. Jamie. I can even hear the difference in his hoofsteps! He is better balanced and really starting to develop over his topline. Dr. Jamie is kind, knowledgeable, and absolutely wonderful with her equine patients. My boy loves her!"


"Dr. Jamie is a wonderful chiropractor, both for humans and horses. She has worked on me and my horses and has made a big difference in how I felt and how my horses moved. Jamie has great people and horse skills. Our new horse,  Atlanta was not excited about the process at first, but Jamie won him over! 
Thank you, Jamie!"


"Dr. Jamie has really helped Chess. She listens to what we are expecting in our rides and even watches her go!!! She takes the time with each horse and actually cares :)"


"Dr. Jamie started working on my horse about a year ago and since then, he’s more relaxed and soft in his poll and rib cage which were tight spots for him. After seeing the work she did on him, I started making appointments for myself. I’ve never felt better. In the past, I’ve tried massage work and acupuncture and I could never get the releases in my neck, back and feet that I do after I see Dr. Jamie. So after seeing the results on my personal horse and myself, I brought her in my barn to have her work on a few of my clients horses. Within the first week, those horses felt like they were back to being 5 years old. They moved more freely, their eyes were brighter and their overall happiness had increased.  That had all my clients asking to her work her magic on their creatures. Dr. Jamie and her team are thorough, kind and well educated. It’s just as much fun as it is relaxing to have them come to our barn and visit with us. "


"I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Jamie working with my horses! She has them on a regular schedule for maintenance, as well as on an ‘on call’ basis for emergencies, and she has become a trusted part of our horse care team as she not only helps address issues that we see or feel, but she also alerts us when she sees changes in movement or alignment. Dr. Jamie works with the horses in such a calm and gentle way that achieves good results in a relaxed and positive setting. While the results speak for themselves in our horses’ positive way of going, it is clear that they also enjoy the sessions as they eagerly walk to the gate to meet her each week!"


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